About the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel

Mission Statement

The Ambassadors’ Club of Israel (ACI) is an independent, non governmental and non-profit organization, which aims to provide Heads of Foreign Diplomatic missions in Israel with a forum where they can meet in an informal atmosphere with Honorary Consuls, representing more than 100 countries, as well as with Israeli figures from various sectors of society such as business, technology, academia, the arts, etc.

Members of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel include:

  • Foreign Ambassadors and Heads of Missions in Israel
  • Honorary Consuls representing Foreign Countries in Israel
  • Honorary members, Israeli businessmen and women

ACI is the brainchild of Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, who prior to his retirement from Israel’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, after a 41-year career as a diplomat, served for seven years as the Ministry’s Chief of Protocol. The initial concept of the ACI was the product of a “meeting of the minds” of several Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls who identified the need for the diplomatic community to be better acquainted with Israel’s complexities, and who sought a less official framework in which to network with Israelis.

ACI brings diplomats and Israelis together in an environment conducive to their diverse interests, provides a platform for the Ambassadors to present themselves and their countries from whatever standpoint they choose. By that, ACI also helps Israelis to gain a better understanding of the many countries represented in Israel.

The Club is a natural continuation of the successful academic course initiated in 2010 at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya by Ambassador Eldan together with Ambassador Henri Etoundi Essomba, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.

ACI main activities include:

  • Welcoming newly arrived Ambassadors.
  • “Meet the Ambassador” dinners.
  • Study tours throughout the country.
  • Celebrating International Days such as Women’s Day.
  • Assisting embassies in organizing national film festivals in Israeli cinemas
  • Celebrating Excellence in Diplomacy at the “Diplomat of the Year” annual ceremony.
  • Invitations to public events, International conventions and exhibitions that are held in Israel.
  • The possibility to advertise embassy events on the club website and Facebook page.

ACI welcomes new and creative ideas from all of its members, and urges them not to hesitate about suggesting and contributing to its programs.

Yitzhak Eldan

Ambassadors' Club Activities

Activities in 2011

  • The participation at the Jerusalem International Tourism Convention
  • The invitation to Aida Opera in Masada
  • The diplomatic Oulpan (Hebrew learning)
  • "Meet the Ambassador" dinner with the Japanese Ambassador
  • The International Conference on Regional Cooperation
  • The table tennis (ping pong) tournament
  • Celebration of International Day of Peace with Tel Aviv Camerata Orchestra
  • Invitation to the Olive Festival in Acco

Activities in 2012

Activities in 2013

  • "Meet the Ambassador" dinner with the Honorary Consul of Equatorial Guinea
  • Invitation to the International Book Fair
  • Invitation to the President Conference
  • Visit to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and meetings with professors and students
  • Invitation to the Carmen Opera in Masada
  • Participation at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference
  • Invitation to a private screening of the movie "Diplomacy"

Activities in 2014

Activities in 2015

  • Israel Olive Festival 2015
  • Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference
  • Lithuania National Opera Performance at the Israeli Opera
  • International Conference for Women Leaders with UN Women and UN Development Programme
  • Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce Awards and Celebration Dinner
  • Visit to Berlin to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany
  • Tel Aviv Commercial Club Annual Conference
  • 90th Anniversary Celebration of Tel Aviv's Great Synagogue
  • The World Science Conference Israel

Activities in 2016

  • Celebration of the Club's 5th Anniversary at Cinema City Glilot with Screening of BRIDGE OF SPIES
  • Israel's Latin-America Chamber of Commerce Jubilee
  • 22nd International Mediterranean Tourism Market
  • Conference of Major America Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem
  • Meeting with African Ambassadors regarding Pan-African Film Festival
  • Conference on the Battle Against Delegitimization of Israel in Jerusalem
  • "Global Theatre on Tour" at Kameri Theatre
  • Israeli Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference
  • Diplomat of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Meet the Ambassador: Austria
  • A Night to Honor Noah Klieger in cooperation with the Israeli Jewish Congress and March of the Living
  • Diplomatic Reception by the Jerusalem Haredi Consul during Sukkot
  • 4th Annual Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) Multinational Research and Development Centers' Conference

Activities In 2017

  • Union of Local Authorities 6th Annual Convention
  • Meet the Ambassador: Latvia
  • "OurCrowd" Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem
  • "Women in Diplomacy" Symposium by MCTC
  • Private Tour of "Regarding Africa" Exhibition at Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Tour of the Dead Sea Area
  • Meet the Ambassador: HE Alexander De La Rosa
  • Diplomat of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Acco Fringe Festival
  • Tour of the Bedouin village of Shibli–Umm al-Ghanam

Activities In 2018

  • Meet the Ambassador: HE The Ambassador of Bulgaria
  • Meet the Ambassador: HE The Ambassador of Ukraine
  • International Naval Diplomatic Salute to Israel on Independence Day
  • Keren Ronen Foundation Concert at the Tel Aviv Museum
  • Meet The Ambassador: HE The Ambassador of the European Union
  • The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference

Activities In 2019

  • Diplomat of the Year Awards
  • International Women's Day Event
  • Meet the Ambassador: HE The Ambassador of Guatemala
  • Eurovision Song Contest Reception
  • VIP Touristic Visit to Jerusalem for Diplomats
  • Award Ceremony Dinner: Honoring H.E. Marlene Moses, Non-Resident Ambassador of Nauru to Israel