Past Events


May 14, 2020Itsik Kamilian



ACI Celebrates Chanukah

מועדון השגרירים בישראל מדליק נר ראשון של חנוכה. שגרירים, דיפלומטים, אנשי עסקים ותקשורת חגגו אמש נר ראשון של חנוכה בפנטהאוס האחד והיחיד של עו"ד ארז נענה בנמל יפו. לשגרירים הנרגשים היתה זו פעם ראשונה שהם משתתפים במעמד הדלקת חנוכיה.Diplomats,Businessmen and Media representatives celebrate the first night of Hannukah with the Ambassadors ' ... Read More
January 27, 2020Itsik Kamilian


The Ambassadors’ Club was proud to be part of an exclusive visit at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, organized by Taglit and TASE, designed for the Head of Diplomatic Missions.The visit included a guided tour of the joined TASE Taglit Innovation Center, as well as a toast for the Jewish ... Read More
January 26, 2020Itsik Kamilian


January 15, 2020The Ambassadors Club of Israel celebrated with the Ambassador of Croatia to Israel Vesela Mrden Korac the 28th anniversary of an independent republic of Croatia and Croatia's EU Presidency. The Ambassadors’ Club of Israel held a splendid event with a reception at the Beresheet Bavli Compound on January ... Read More
January 23, 2020Itsik Kamilian


A unique diplomatic event took place in Herzliya in honor of the non-resident Ambassador of Nauru to Israel Ms. Marlene Moses. An Award of Merit Ceremony for Ms. Marlene Moses, who also serves as the Ambassador of Nauru to the United Nations, was initiated and organized by the Honorary Consul ... Read More
June 22, 2019Itsik Kamilian


VIP Touristic Visit Jerusalem for Diplomats on June 20th, 2019 About the Tour: As part of its mission to connect diplomats to Israel, the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel organizes visits throughout Israel. The Club organizes different trips during the year in an informal and unofficial manner.Last month’s tour to Jerusalem, on June ... Read More
June 20, 2019Itsik Kamilian


May 13, 2019The official opening of the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv. An exciting, colourful musical reception attended by 41 foreign delegations and dozens of Ambassadors.
May 13, 2019Itsik Kamilian


March 27, 2019The Ambassadors Club of Israel hosted the Ambassador of Guatemala to Israel H.E Mario Bucaro at a special "Meet the Ambassador Dinner", in recognition of Guatemala’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Congratulations dear Ambassador for THE AWARD OF MERIT presented to you by our club. 
March 27, 2019Itsik Kamilian
Woman’s Day


March 5, 2019The Ambassadors' Club and the Israeli NGO "El Halev" celebrated International Women's Day 2019 at ZOA House in Tel Aviv. During the ceremony attended by Ms. Oshra Friedman, Deputy Director-General of The Authority for Women Advancement, the Diplomatic Corps, the "Woman of Valor Award" was presented to Ms. ... Read More
March 5, 2019Itsik Kamilian
Diplomat of the Year


January 17, 2019The Ambassadors' Club celebrated its third edition of "The Diplomat of the Year 2018" at the Herzliya Marina in presence of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs Tsipi Hotobely, Herzliya Mayor, and many Ambasssdors, Honorary Consuls, officials and members of honour of the club. The three award of ... Read More
January 17, 2019Itsik Kamilian