Condolences to Great Britain

Dear H.E. Amb. David Quarrey and the staff of the United Kingdom Embassy,

On behalf of myself and everyone at Ambassadors Club of Israel, I wish to extend to you and people of the United Kingdom my deepest condolences in light of the recent attacks in Manchester and London. In these trying times I hope you can find comfort and closure in the unbreakable bond that our missions share. Here in Israel we are no stranger to the cowardice of terror and are all too familiar with the devastating consequences and hardships they bare. When facing such adversity, I remind you to look to our shared principles of compassion, unity, and inclusiveness for strength and guidance. We must remember not to fall victim to the divisiveness of hatred and anger, but rather to come together in times of need and build the closure the people of the United Kingdom deserve. The unwavering relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom stand of these pillars of morality and will continue to last through times of peace and hardship.

Your friend,
Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan

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