Condolences to Portugal

Dear H. E. Mr. Miguel De Almeida E Sousa,

It is with a heavy heart I’m writing to you today to express my sincerest sympathies in light of the unfortunate loss of life due to the wildfires.

On behalf of my executive team, and myself, I wish to extend my sincerest condolences to the entire Portugal mission here in Israel. In difficult times such as these I hope you can find comfort and closure in our unwavering friendship. I wish to remind you that the Ambassador’s Club of Israel stands with you, the Portugal mission and the people of Portugal and offer our assistance during this period of mourning. The tragic loss of innocent life poses tremendous adversity and challenges, but I compel you to seek strength and guidance in our shared principles of love, compassion and the ability to overcome.

Your friend,

Yitzhak Eldan

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