Private Screening of the Film “Bridge of Spies”

Bridge of Spies

On the evening of the January 28, 2016 about 100 members of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel gathered to watch a special screening of the film “Bridge of Spies”, which was held at the new section of Cinema City complex in Glilot.

Ambassador Yizhak Eldan, President of the Ambassadors’ Club, opened the event and declared the official opening of the Ambassadors’ Club’s “Film Club”.

Ron Fogel, the Ambassadors’ Club film coordinator, thanked the Matalon family, the film distributers, and the Edry brothers, Moshe and Leon, the owners of Cinema City for their contribution to the event.

Fogel introduced the film, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks. According to Fogel the movie is an excellent example of quality film making and also shows the complexity of diplomatic work.

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