The Ambassadors’ Club visits the Precious Stones and Diamond Exchange and HackerU College

The Ambassadors’ Club visited the Precious Stones and Diamond Exchange, and the Thrive DX Center – HackerU College.

Ambassadors and diplomats from 25 countries visited the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange today as guests of honour of the Exchange’s Board of Directors, chaired by President Boaz Moldavsky. The diplomats received a comprehensive overview of the Israeli diamond industry, which is one of the leaders in the world.

The ambassadors continued to the Precious Stones Exchange, where they met with President of the Board, Shlomo Eshed.

The ambassadors also visited the International Center for the Training of Cyber ​​and Digital Professions Thrive DX, where they received professional tools in the field of cyber diplomacy from Roy Tzur, the Center’s International Operations Director.

Special thanks and appreciation to Ms. Ronit Fouzailov and Itsik Kamilian, the Club CEO, for this wonderful initiative.
Thanks also to the Club’s External Relations Manager, Reut Portugal and the team of interns: Dalia, Nikita and Barbora

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